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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At These Local Pubs

If you are wondering how people will be celebrating Saint Patricks Day in Los Angeles, you can only imagine it will of course be done in a big way. The people of this good city have wasted no time in getting the celebration kicked off irish stew colcannon a great start. To begin with, celebrating Saint Patricks Day in Los Angeles starts about a week early, so prepared to enjoy yourselves.

For example, I brought a slow cooker irish stew not long ago. I was speaking with my flat mate about where I could put it. She recommended that I put it in my room. Now for me this was a boundary cross because I was paying rent there and she had a number of her cooking pots in the cupboard and I didn’t see any reason why she couldn’t make some room for my slow cooker cooking irish stew in slow cooker. And I addressed this situation with her.

Vegetarian note slow cooker irish stew This recipe can easily be adapted for vegetarian eaters. Simply leave out the beef, use vegetable stock and add in additional vegetables and beans to suit your preference.

It is not at all dangerous when raw meat is cooked in a crock-pot. The internal temperature of meat tends to rise to 170 degrees in the case of beef and it touches 190 degrees in the case of poultry. There are two vital issues to commit to memory and those are that meat should be cooked for the prescribed length of time and the cover should not be taken off from the slow cooker irish stew with potatoes stew. It is not necessary to brown the meat prior to cooking it, except if you like better the appearance and taste of browned meat.

In the current share house that you are in, you need to be very clear as to what your standard of behaviour is? For example, what level of cleanliness, noise levels, respect do you expect from your flat mates? You need to be crystal clear about this and then when one of your flatmates cross one of these boundaries, then you will know that you’ll have to do something about it (more about this next).

So if you’re looking for something to do in the middle of the week (or anytime, really), head to Baker Street. It’s accessible by the F (Lex/63rd), 4, 5, 6, N, R, W (Lex/59th) and is a few blocks walk. But they are well worth it, and you can sober up on the walk back!

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